Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

ShibaSoku is continuously improving the quality of its products based on the philosophy that quality and innovation should be driven from the customer perspective. As part of this activity we obtained ISO9001 certification, which is an international standard on quality management systems, in June 1999.

Quality Policies

  • We will improve the quality of products and will promote innovations with the latest technologies, efficiency, and integrity.
  • We will provide products that satisfy the demands of customers and that earn the trust of society.
  • We will make continuous efforts to improve the quality and reliability of our products and services.

Shibasoku will strive to keep every employee informed about these quality policies through intra-company communications. With the aim of achieving the above-mentioned quality policies, we will establish a quality management system. We will also set, implement and regularly review annual goals on quality, and will continue to improve the system's effectiveness.

President&C.O.O Tatsuya Saitoh

Product failures are prevented during the production process by making use of the ISO9001 system from product development through production and shipment. Quality is checked by a series of consistent and thorough inspections at various process steps and before shipment. An automated vision recognition system has been introduced to increase the reliability and safety of products. ShibaSoku will continue to enhance process and add new technologies as part of our continuous quality improvement process.

Control of Measurement Equipment and Traceability
Traceability with regard to national requirements is now required to assure the accuracy of measurement equipment. All the measurement equipment that we use is uniformly managed by the Quality Management Division with the aim of controlling the accuracy of the measurement equipment and traceability. The standard equipment that is used at the Correction Office of the Quality Management Division is under correction by public institutions such as Japan Electric Meters Institution Corporation (JEMIC) and Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA).